About Us

The International  Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers has committed to rebuilding the construction industry in the South. With new leadership BAC Local 8-Southeast is ready to offer the high-quality service needed to support contractors in our industry. 

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement has up-to-date language with no hidden clauses.  All negotiations are handled in a pleasant and cordial manner.  We are here to provide you with the skilled manpower that you need and serve our members. 

Our goal is to think outside of the box.  If it can be done legally, we will find a way to make it work.  Let us show you how to turn a bigger profit by joining an American family tradition and be able to hire the "Best Hands in the Business" to man your jobs. 

How will we do this?  We are glad you ask that question.  Here is How:

Skilled Manpower

Our work speaks for it self, all across the United States and Canada we have built great structures and continued to do so even in tough times like these.

Less Turnover

Because your workers are earning benefits, they will be more likely to stay with your company to the end of the project.  Your jobs will work more productive without having to constantly acclimate new employees.

Proven Quality

Our Union is comprised of individuals who represent the best in the masonry industry, as well as the labor movement.  As members, they show up for the job ready and able to produce work of the highest quality and promoting the unionized masonry industry.  These qualities have distinguished BAC members from the rest for the last 140 plus years.

Quicker Project Turnaround

Our staff and agents are equipped with the necessary tools to serve your needs whether it's a simple question that can be handled by a phone call or a personal visit,  we strive to give you the necessary tools you will need to make your company the most productive it can be.

Increased Profits

Yes the Bottom Line

Let's face it; you're in business to make money.  With our dedication to our members and contractors we will make America strong again with Truth, Pride, Strength and Skill, the BAC Local 8-Southeast members are ready to go to work for you and together we will be UNITED and UNION STRONG.